ALLIANT POWDER RED DOT Shotshell Powder - 1 LB
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Red Dot, now 50% cleaner, is the #1 Alliant Smokeless Target Shotshell powder for standard velocity and low recoil 7/8 to 1-1/8 ounce charges for 12 gauge trap and skeet loads. Competition shooters burn Red Dot by the barrel. Like Green Dot, Red Dot is a double base, cut round flake powder.

These powders may only be purchased by adults, ships UPS Ground or FedEx Ground with an adult signature required. Powder can not be returned. Due to special shipping requirements, there is an additional $15.00 Haz Mat Handling charge PER ORDER on these powders. Buying in bulk can save you money since you will be charged the same $15.00 fee for 1 LB. of powder as you will be charged for a larger quantity.

  • Item #: 1699
  • Manufacturer: ALLIANT

ALLIANT POWDER RED DOT Shotshell Powder - 1 LB

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